Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moss and Lichen

If you like moss and lichen- like I do- then please visit the Blog A Thoughtful Life. She has compiled a collection of items from Etsy ( including mine ) that is sure to please. My favorite are the moss buttons seen here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some of my Fairy Gardens

The fairies have moved into an old washing machine

These fairies love an afternoon tea in the garden

I have been bitten by the fairy bug. My mind is spinning with ideas. From formal uppity fairies, to laid back and relaxed fairies to forest fairies. They are flying out of The PURE Gardener as fast as they appear. There is something about them that is very therapeutic and wonderful. They bring smiles to the faces of woman, children and even young men that are my employees who say that they are "so cool".
Miniature tea sets- that remind me of my childhood- are now finding new homes and renewed life in miniature gardens of my customers. This is good. I am working on a forest fairy garden that I will keep for myself but will have on display at the shop. I may work in a little mediation spot. It will represent a happy place to me. A place that I can escape to.
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