Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Through my Brokenness I am Healed- Breast Cancer Awareness


"Through my Brokenness I am Healed." This is very healing statement to make and so very true. There are many journeys that we must take in order to find ourselves and breast cancer surely is a journey that no one chooses to go on. But when she comes through this journey, with hope and prayers a woman's brokenness is healed and a newness of life begins.

This necklace is made from a sterling silver chain which I have imperfectly wired pink cats eye & Czechoslovakian glass beads at every 7th link to symbolize spirituality and Godliness. I used a sterling silver lobster claw for and enclosure. An unearthed tiny 1 1/2 doll part- from an 1800's doll factory in Germany- is then suspended with her "arms" reaching upward towards a sterling silver Hope circle. An antique pocket watch face is suspended, upside down, from the "angel."

This necklace is made with love and hope for all of those who's soul's are challenged by breast cancer.

Measurement of chain from end to end is approx. 20"
Measurement of angel including watch face is approx 5 3/4"

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