Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strange Altered Art Dolls In The Works

Every now and again I have the need to make strange art dolls out of found doll parts and vintage things. I can't stop myself. I am not sure what this doll is all about. But it is filled with glitter and 30 mini babies and about 5 safety pins. I will list it on Etsy with all its glory when I feel that the little guy is complete.

Toxic Kenny is what I have named the doll in the works to the left of the Baby Bottle. I got the idea to start him when a fellow X friend went crazy on me and snapped right out of left field. I realized that he was harboring a lot of anger and sadness and was very toxic. Kenny will be complete after I put 100's of ants crawling all over him. They are attracted to his sweet exterior. They are in for a very unpleasant surprise!

The Fireman is something that I am stuck on. He is still in the works.

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