Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Little House in Paris, TN

The Two Sisters August 2009

My little house in Paris, TN- The Two Sisters. I usually head down to relax, see my family and to my little house every year in December after the busy Holiday season is over. This year we are going down there a little later than usual- not until a week and only for a few days. But, in those few days I will be taken away from stress, the schedules, meetings, complications of everyday life, and reality in general. Well, the reality that I have created :-) It is hard to explain how I am attached to this little house and how at peace I am when I am there.

So, to the Two Sisters I am headed in a week and I am busy now collecting things like white dishes, incense and sage, trinkets and another rocker to take to her. Where I will relax and regroup. Thank God for the little things in life.

A view from standing in front of my house looking down the street to my sister Cherry's House at end of the road tucked way next to a forest. 2004

The Two Sisters 2004

There was a freak snow that year the day we arrived. It lasted only a day but it was quite exciting for my nieces and nephews.

A view from my screen porch to Lee School of the Arts


  1. Gorgeous, I would love to see it someday!

  2. I believe that one day you will :-)

  3. I've been there, only on the front porch and in the yard, and it is a pretty place. I was surprised when I saw the snow. You didn't mention the name of your street, which I think is great.

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  5. How funny! I am from rural West Tennessee as well - I've been to the Paris Fish Fry as a child - and how nice to stumble across your blog tonight :)
    Your house in Paris reminds me so much of my grandparents' house in Bells, TN - near Jackson :)

    Hope you have a great visit!

  6. Hello Stephanie :-) You know I have yet to go to a Paris Fish fry!? It is always in my busy season and I can not get away. My sister & mother tell me that it is quite large and a lot of fun. I love cat fish. My brother and I use to catch and fry it up as children from the Black River in Poplar Bluff, MO. I hope to get to one soon <3


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