Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frida Kahlo Altered Art Doll- Snowglobe


I have always LOVED Frida Kahlo. I can relate to her on many, many levels. This is the first in a series of Frida Kahlo items that I plan to do.

Frida Kahlo is made from an antique Fiesta Ware sugar bowl, leaded crystal salt shaker, an 1800's German doll head, & a sterling silver "crown".

She is adorned with many beads, charms, and lilies. I have attached several of her works of art affixed to Gringo bottle caps. A cross with Jesus hangs from her neck. She has green mother of pearl beads around her waist and garnets around her neck. Various semi-precious stones adorn her crown along with beads that spell out FRIDA.

She has a snow globe/ water globe filed with a mix of green and glow in the dark glitters. She is mucho fantastico!

She is titled and signed by me.

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