Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jack THE Candlestick Snowglobe Altered Art Doll

Jack IS the Candlestick! Jack is his own worst enemy. He is suffering from extreme opposites of Yin & Yang, Fire & Water, and he needs to find balance between them in order to find peace.

He is a republican who has suffered 8 long years of President Bush. His world as he knew it has come tumbling down around him. He wields a gun and is not sure how to use it.

Jack is made from an antique Austrian Candlestick, an antique salt shaker, & an 1800's German doll head. He is embellished with an antique toy gun, bone dice, & jacks. The dice are both face up with 4's to symbolize each term of Bush. There are 4 Jacks. He has an elephant hanging from his letter "J". A candle flame made out of an old Franks Nursery & Crafts Christmas light bulb sets on top of his "helmet". And last but not least, a mustache.

He is a snow globe filled with glow in the dark glitter. The handle can be held and the glitter can be shaken and gently but slowly swirls around. Jack is very cool.

Jack is titled and signed -by me- on the bottom.

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