Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Rosie O'Donnell Munny's

The baby is checking out the new kids on the block. Let me first say that I just love Rosie's Etsy Shop! I love the way that she photographs her pieces, the way that her children are involved, and the fact that all profits are donated to Rosie's Broadway Kids. I really love her paintings and postcards because her personal life is integrated into them. Rosie O'Donnell wanted to trade one of her Munny dolls for one of my trinket guys ( as she calls them). So, I sent her two.

The Franco American Trinket Guy & Mama's Little Helper Trinket Guy

She forgot to sign the first one. So, I contacted her and told her how sad I was.


This is a snippet of our convo. Her response was fabulous! I know that she is doing a million things so I said no problem. Soon after the second Munny arrived. Nicely signed. She also sent little gifts and postcards of artworks that she has in galleries. Thanks Rosie~ You are the best

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