Monday, April 20, 2009

Upcycled Discarded Baby Dolls

My father brought my daughter a bag of old dolls that he found abandoned in an old 1800's house in TN. He thought that she could make something with them or practice sewing by making them doll clothes. Some of them were in pretty rough shape. So, my sister - who was in town visiting me- and I decided that all of us would breath new life into them by painting them and upcycling them. We had quite a lot of fun! My daughter is working on a purple metallic one, I have finished one ( below ) and have one in the works, and my sister has almost two completed.

This "new" dolly has hope and love now!

She was the worst in the group. Now she is very happy and ready for a new home.

So pretty in pink! She is for sale on Etsy at

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